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The results are in!

Below are your
Revealaroo Results!

Revealaroo DNA 2.png

Your sample size was sufficient and DNA was successfully extracted from your supplied blood sample.

Revealaroo XY CHECK.png
male DNA detected

Our highly sensitive qPCR genomic analysis detected the presence of Male DNA.

Revealaroo MALE.png

Your baby is Male.


Your blood plasma was tested for the presence of male DNA in order to determine the gender of your baby. This test assumes that your test kit was not contaminated with male DNA during collection and that the male DNA we detected was fetal DNA. The results presented are provided for informational purposes only and you should consult with a physician or healthcare provider regarding any question about fertility, pregnancy, or general health concerns. This result does not replace the need for prenatal care, ultrasounds, or other pregnancy-related tests. By submitting to this test you have released EZ-Genetics, LLC from liability for any damages caused to you or anyone else as a result of using this product. 

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